College Years

The second lucky accident in my life was the introduction of the AIEEE exam as I prepared to join undergraduate life. My senior year at high school, like most Indian kids, was spent trying to get into IIT for my engineering. However, that was not to be, as I failed to get a good enough rank in the IIT-JEE Main exam which has a less than 0.1% acceptance rate if you wanted to do Computer Engineering. This however, turned out to be the best failure yet, as I joined National Institute of Technology, Karnataka for a B.Tech in Information Technology and spent the a fantastic four years in a college that boasts a 52 year history of producing world class engineers and is one of only two university campuses to have its own private beach.

My four years at NITK, were my first experience away from home, but fortunately it was shared with some of the best minds in the country in our age group. The friends I made in college are for life and like any close friends they helped shape who I am today. During my time there. like all undergrads everywhere, there was no end to the complaints and groans of how horrible our college was. But like all parents, mine listened to these rants with a smile on their face. They knew something that I have realized since leaving college, all the the rants stopped the day we graduated and our college became the best place in the world. I still itch to go back to the campus even if it is for just a few days. Those four years at Surathkal gave me the strength to be independent, confident and the ability to live anywhere. It also resulted in my landing my first job.