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Eurotrip 1 - Spain and Italy

As a birthday treat to myself, I decided to take a European vacation for 15 days earlier this year. It was a wonderful journey and I had the opportunity to explore a lot of different cultures, places and make new friends. In short, it was the best thing I could have done for myself at that point in time. Over the next few blog posts I will talk about my journey, the people who made my trip so wonderful and of course the places I went to.

To begin with if you are travelling on an Indian passport - the journey begins well before your actual trip. Getting the required Schengen Visa takes quite a bit of planning and documentation.  

  • You will need confirmed bookings for all cities you are travelling to (or have an invite letter from one person in each country you plan to visit). Thankfully, one of my friends who was living in Italy for nearly a year directed me to HostelWorld to help book economical places to stay.
  • Book air tickets early to get a good price and also for Visa processing
  • Documents (bank and otherwise) to prove that you can finance your trip (there are minimum per day scales each country prescribes
  • A passport with more than 6 months validity as on date of departure from India

Finally once all this is done, you still need to have the energy and enthusiasm to go and enjoy your trip. Trust me its always going to be worth the experience :)

I spent 7 days in Spain and 9 days in Italy, watch this blog for details of my travel there.

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