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What else do Scrum Masters do?

In my previous post "What do Scrum Masters do?" I spoke about the three core responsibilities of a Scrum Master. In this one I will delve into all the other responsibilities that a good Scrum Master is expected to take on.

I am going to try and make the points below as self explanatory as possible so I don't have to go into long, boring explanations about each of them.

  • Scrum Rules enforcer: He is the Scrum evangelist on the team. He ensures that the team lives by the core Scrum values
  • Monitor Sprint velocity and ensure that the team is keeping the right pace
  • During sprint planning ensure that the team takes on the right amount of work
  • Represent the team when talking to management
  • Represent the management when working with the team
  • If a product owner is not selected before hand, SM works with customers and management to identify and institute a Product owner
  • Work with product owner to come up with a prioritized product backlog, if not done by product owner already
  • Work with team and product owner to define sprint backlog
  • Work with management to gauge progress and trim team backlog if they are falling behind
  • Responsible for taking decisions that affect work if team cant come to a consensus on their own


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What do Scrum Masters do?