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Italia - The land of pizza, pasta, art and architecture. Starting at Pisa

We landed at Galileo Galilei Airport a little after midnight and I was unpleasantly surprised to see the entire flight of people get out of the airport and start smoking! I mean literally like 100's of people. I didn't know this then but apparently this is a national addiction.

I grabbed a few hours of sleep and geared myself up to see what is probably the world's most famous architectural mistake. The Leaning Tower of Pisa stands in the Square of Miracles and is the free standing bell tower of the Cathedral of Pisa.  Getting there early is a good idea, as the crowds can get very distracting (due to their funny antics) later in the day.

The Cathedral is a wonderful place to relax and unwind, not to mention the beautiful artwork all over the walls. Walk 10 mins away from the tower and settle down in one of the side streets at one of the local food joints.

My stay in Pisa was short but it also a good start to my Italian adventure. I left for Florence late in the afternoon after some super fast running across the Pisa train station (and I am so glad I caught that particular train).

You can find my full photo albums on Google+ : Pisa

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