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The end of the first chapter

18th June 2012 marked the completion of my 5 years at ZS Associates. It was an important milestone, that sparked off a process of introspection that had me re-evaluating my career goals and steps I needed to take to achieve them.

My goal became clear, I wanted to add some breadth to my experience both technically and business domain wise. It was becoming increasingly clear to me that my experience so far, though deep, was too narrow in the grand scheme of things. Given ZS Associates, business model and the focus of the work being done in the Software development group there, I realized the only way to do justice to my goals was to move on. ZS was my first and only job, and I had great professional relationships with many of the folks in the company. As you can imagine, the thought at working at any other company was scary.

In July 2012, I finally convinced myself to prepare my resume and send it out to a bunch of startups that I thought might be a good fit. It was a long grueling month and half before, I finally found a place that I thought might be a good move. It was a young startup working on a consumer focused mobile app. It was going to be a glorious (and dangerous) experiment. But I was ready to take the chance. On August 21st 2012, I finally called (and emailed) the people at ZS to let them know about my decision to move on. It was one of the most difficult evenings of my professional career, but it needed to be done. 

The next month passed by in a blur, as I planned out transitions and transferred all the key pieces of information required for people to continue delivering all the work that I had helped plan for my projects. It was also time to say a lot of thank yous and goodbyes to all the people who had made my stay at ZS such a fun and exciting experience. September 18th 2012 came by quite fast and it was finally time to say goodbye to my first company. 5 years and 3 months seemed so slow when they were going by, but seemed like a blur now that it was over. 

I want to finish this post with a personal note: A BIG Thank you to all those wonderful, smart and kind people I had the opportunity of working/interacting with during my time at ZS Associates. I wish you the best for the future, wherever life may take you. If you are ever in a situation where I can be of some help, please do not hesitate to ask.

Kingdom of Bhutan - Druk Yul - Paro

Kingdom of Bhutan - Druk Yul - Paro

Roma, Italia - The relatively modern parts