Second Half of the first decade

After a few years, around the time I was ready to join the education system, we moved back to Bangalore and I got encountered the first of many lucky accidents in my life. My dad's friend who had gotten me into a Kindergarten school had registered me for UKG, not realizing that I was supposed to join LKG. Well, I never did do LKG and have always been a year ahead of most kids, since then. But alas, our stay in Bangalore was short lived as we moved to Kochi in the state of Kerala, India where my father had just been offered a position as the head of a brand new electronics manufacturing unit.

My four years in Kochi were awesome! My school Bhavans Vidya Mandir had a large airy campus that was a kid's dream and excellent teachers who gave me a flying start to my education. We also took numerous trips during the summer to some lovely sightseeing spots around Kerala. I learnt to cycle, play cricket, guitar and the keyboard. I had a fantastic teacher who was patient, experienced and persistent. Well his hard work and my practice paid off when I won the Kerala State Music Championship (Guitar) for my age group on a beat up old Electric guitar which my teacher had given me. I still have that guitar today (18 years later), though I haven't played in a long time. I haven't kept in touch with any friends from my time there but I have many fond memories.