Teenage Years

As I started 5th standard (or grade) we moved back to Bangalore and thus began another phase of my life, this one lasted eight wonderful years. I began school at Sri Kumarans Childrens Home (C.B.S.E) and stayed there till i finished high school. Over the years, I made a lot of friends, had fun, learnt a lot and grew up like most Indian kids with the aim of joining a good college so I could get a good job. 

I am lucky to have learnt from some wonderful teachers who laid a great foundation for my knowledge.  Many of my friends from school are still good friends today, though we have scattered to the four corners of the globe, we still keep in touch. They are such a huge part of who I am, that I can't imagine who I would be without them.

When I was in 8th standard, my dad took a job as the head of a manufacturing unit near Jakarta, Indonesia. But because the education system in India was way better than Indonesia, and my father's own company in Bangalore, my mother and I stayed back in Bangalore. My father's company used to fly him home every quarter so he could spend a few weeks with us and even better, used to fly my mother and me to Indonesia every summer so we could spend a couple of months there during my holidays. I used to love my summer holidays in Indonesia, with stopovers in Singapore. My curiosity for new cultures had been piqued and I continue to explore this even today.